The Power of B!tch

I’ve spent a lot of time forming this opinion of mine, that a “Bitch” is actually a powerful thing to be. I realize that many women are enraged when the word is used against them because it instantly discredits their point of view. It invalidates their argument. There are a lot of things worse, to be called, than bitch. Let me ask you questions instead of explaining.

Would you rather be called a bitch or incompetent?

Would you prefer to be known as a bitch or ill-prepared?

Would you rather be known as a bitch or a push-over?

Hopefully you can see the point that I’m making but there’s something else you should take in to account and that is when the term “bitch” is used. In almost every instance, men, and some women, have hollered that word at me when they could not control me. When I refused to adjust my decisions or actions just to make them comfortable, I was called a bitch.

A Bitch is: A woman, standing up for herself and her ideas. She is a fighter. She is strong.

That’s the Power of Bitch.


IMG_4577 (800x533)




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