Let the Carving Continue!


Hopefully you have had a chance to view Andrew’s carved flags. He just purchased a new tool to help in the carving process. It’s an amazing difference, he says even though the RPMs are only about 1000 more. It sounds like a very minute improvement, overall, but it’s a big deal to him. The gain isn’t just about shaving time off production though. Grinding through wood for several hours presents a lot of fatigue on the muscles. Often his hands and arms are exhausted long before his legs. Of course, he can sit and give his legs a break but there is no way to give his hands a break when he’s working. So this tool is a wonderful addition to his arsenal because it decreases how much effort he expends overall.

So if you’re thinking of buying a grinding/sanding tool to use often, please consider higher RPMs. What it’ll save you in time and fatigue is well worth the extra cost.

I haven’t posted a video of his work in sometime so we are overdue!


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