Daily Prompt: Border

via Daily Prompt: Border

“Well, it doesn’t matter to us.”

“It ought to, “I say. “It always matters whether you call a boy a him or a girl a her.”

“No, it doesn’t matter because you’re a human and that makes you one of them.” His giant gold eyes stare at the blades of grass. He pushes his paws into the clumps and flexes his toes.

“Did you ever kill a mouse? Was it fun?” I crawl closer to the cat and try to pet his head.

He leans away from my hand. “I don’t like that.” He won’t talk till I pull my hand back. “Yes, I killed mice but that is the order.”

“Was it fun?” I ask again.

“Sure it’s fun.” He looks at me. “But we only kill in the order. Humans kill out of order. They kill everything and they don’t know why.” He looks away.

I pick flowers and tie the stems together to make a garland. “What happens if I cross it?”

“Nothing,” he says. He decides to lie down.

“What do you mean nothing happens? Even I know know  something’s supposed to happen when you walk across it.”

“You don’t know everything. You only think you do.”

“Oh yeah,” I challenge him. “If you’re so smart, tell me why you say nothing will happen if I cross the border between life and death?” I throw the garland around his head. “Ringed you!” I wait for him to tell me but he sniffs at the flowers instead. “I bet I’ll see ghosts. Will I?”

“It won’t look any different. I walk back and forth across it all the time and it looks exactly the same.” He stands long enough to walk to a patch of sunlight where he stretches out. “Anyway, it’ll look the same to you no matter what.”

“Oh?” I lie down in the sun next to him. He doesn’t say anything more for a bit and my eyes grow heavier and heavier. Just before I drift off to sleep, he says, “You haven’t noticed yet. Why else do you think you can talk to a cat?”


I do not own this beautiful cat picture. I just wanted to use it because it has pretty gold eyes



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