So There I was…

Honestly, I had wanted to share a video of Andrew, working in the shop. It was going to show you his process and how he manages to push through high quantity production single handed. But that’s not what this post is about…

So what had happened was…

Andrew and I were working on our To-Do list (a whole different story) when a “slight” accident caused a pretty terrible lower leg injury. This post, however, is not for sympathy but to generate a chuckle because our furry family member, Brutus is also recovering this month (he had minor surgery on a toe pad). Taking the dog for a short trip outside usually earns quizzical stares First: because his paw is bandaged; Second: because we’ve wrapped a latex glove around the bandage to keep it clean. That probably doesn’t seem funny until you imagine a dog walking down the street with a rubber glove, fingers splayed.

And really, I just wanted to share pictures!

Hope they make you smile!


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