Do You Have Time Off?

Being self-employed (or as I jokingly say, FunEmployed) means Andrew puts a lot of hours into design and construction. He doesn’t only work on projects for clients though. Occasionally, he attacks the To-Do list that we have tacked to the refrigerator.

Even if you buy a new house, you might find that it isn’t perfect but if you buy an older house, you might discover more than a simple imperfection! This house is just a few decades young and it’s hosted a few families so there are always a few surprises waiting under the surface. In this case, an incredibly uneven floor hidden from us by a very dense layer of floor leveling compound hidden under carpet (that was hiding a layer of floor tile)! Lucky for us, Andrew’s background in construction, skills in woodwork, and knowledge of interior design are coming in handy. In situations where he doesn’t immediately know what action to take, he accesses the greatest database of instructional videos mankind has to offer: Youtube!

Here are a few slightly out-of-focus pictures of the project, and a video that shows his work-around for cutting a smooth quarter circle through the floorboards. floor (1) floor (2) floor (3) floor (4) floor (5)





2 thoughts on “Do You Have Time Off?

  1. That’s awesome! Nothing funner than home improvements….bahahahaha (I say with a little sarcasm). Well it can be fun, but really if I had the money, I am pretty sure I’d just have it done. With that said, my house isn’t terribly old, about 20 years, still there are many imperfections. I have many moments wondering why they did this or that. Especially since it’s a custom home. Oh well, I guess that’s what gives us something to do and post about! Best wishes on your projects! Koko 🙂


    1. I always thought a new home would be perfect and, for the short time that I owned a new home, I discovered that there were design flaws that left me scratching my head! Home improvement is just one of those areas that has such potential (in either direction)!

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