A New Direction for the Same Thing

This week, Andrew is working on a different flag design. Instead of sanding through layers of wood and then adding final color, he’s decided to start with layers of color. Personally, I like this one quite a bit.

As with his other flags, this one will also have that waving contour. Flat flags are nice, really, I have nothing against them. Anyone who makes a flag is showing patriotism and that’s always fantastic. Andrew likes his flags to look like they’re fluttering in the breeze.

Here are some photos of his latest flag. So far, he’s put 8 hours into the flag. Yes, that seems rather fast but his technique is greatly improved from the first flag he made. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

13439110_10204976379287646_1929198222752973839_n 13532902_10204976255404549_7692685855051724199_n 13567305_10204975951476951_3448983696355666606_n13522899_10204977601198193_3589748273020098555_o 13528143_10204977599838159_1120725889127134884_o



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