So You Want to Attend an Event

Our event, The 16th Street Fair in downtown Denver, was fun and a learning experience. Events are a great way to meet the public and be seen. They are also physically tiring. Because we’re still perfecting our set-up every day that we set up the stall, we went through some changes. We learned a very important thing too, by looking at other vendors’ stalls. There is a lot to be said for awnings. We actually hadn’t thought about it but an awning would have cast enough shade to protect the furniture and other items we have. Besides, it would have been a lot more easy to slide out an awning than to slide all the furniture back and forth! So, don’t just go with your canopy, go with awnings as well.

From what I could see, awnings aren’t particularly hard to make. The vendor next to us seemed to have a nice set-up using telescoping poles (think of those telescoping handles for paint rollers that you can find in most hardware stores), bungee cords, and lightweight fabric.

We also discovered that hard-side suitcases are heavy but an incredibly convenient way to transport a lot of small items at once. It’s really easy to snap open a suitcase, quickly stow everything inside, and run it out to our vehicle when shutting down the stall. Yep, they are bulky but it’s far easier to tie down a mass of suitcases than crates full of prints. Even a soft-side suitcase is a far better way to transport than crates.

Overall, the event was fun and I look forward to the next one. By the way, here are some “artistic photos” of  the coasters, the cutting boards, and one version of the CO flags we have available.




shop (3) cheese board shop (2)


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